A Christmas Carol (2009)

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Episode Title:
A Christmas Carol (2009).
Episode Description:
On Christmas Eve in 19th-century London, Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly old money-lender at a London counting house, does not share the merriment of Christmas. He declines his cheerful nephew Fred's invitation to a Christmas dinner party. His loyal employee Bob Cratchit offers Scrooge to have Christmas Day off, since there will be no business for Scrooge during the day. Scrooge agrees and leaves. In his house, Scrooge encounters the ghost of his deceased business partner Jacob Marley, who warns him to repent his wicked ways or he will condemned in the afterlife, carrying heavy chains forged for his own greedy ways. He informs Scrooge that that three spirits will visit him during the night to guide him. Scrooge is visited by the candle-like Ghost of Christmas Past, who takes him back in time to his early life. They visit Scrooge's boarding school and Scrooge sees his sister Fan, who died after giving birth to Fred. Scrooge later begins a successful career in business and money lending as an employee under Fezziwig, and he becomes engaged to a woman named Belle. However, the Ghost shows Scrooge how Belle left him when he chose his wealth over her. A devastated Scrooge extinguishes the spirit with its candle snuffer cap as he returns to the present.

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