A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Pram brings Desir to the shop he sold his rapier to buy it back, paying forty silver coins for it after Pram sold it for three silver coins as Pram sold it as a sword, but Desir bought it as a special kind of sword called a kemuvin. With Desir using his magic to figure out how to unsheathe it, he gives it to Pram to unsheathe it, learning that the sword is made of blancium, a rare metal that is powerful and lightweight. Despite already agreeing to sell the sword, the shop owner demands Pram return the rapier. As such, Pram fights the shop's bodyguard in a duel. Pram is knocked around as his moves were easy to read, but is able to quickly react and use his speed to knock the bodyguard out and get out of the shop. Meanwhile, Romantica completes the training exercise. She has dinner with Doneta and rejects his offer to join, telling him that she was once a commoner. She leaves with a warning for Doneta not to look down on commoners, and Doneta reacts angrily as it is revealed that his father was executed in a rebellion organized by commoners.

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