Aharen Is Indecipherable Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Isn't That Overdoing It?
Episode Description:
Teacher Ms. Tobaru is obsessed with classical romance. She notices Aharen and Raido and determines they are tightly emotionally linked, and is so overcome by passion watching them that she faints. Aharen begins acting strangely, causing Raido to think she is demon-possessed, but it turns out she was choking on food. Realising he needs to understand her better, he tries to teach her facial expressions but fails. Aharen discovers Japanese hip hop and quickly masters rapping everything she says. Raido also learns to rap and they begin communicating perfectly, until their microphones are confiscated, as they are banned in school. Raido’s sister gives him a fidget spinner, which Aharen becomes obsessed with and teaches herself to perform tricks. Watching them, Ms. Tobaru faints again. In the park, Raido learns Aharen’s spinner tricks have made her popular with children. One little girl named Futaba is jealous that her friend Akkun admires Aharen and challenges her to Reversi. Aharen lets Futaba win, but despite her victory, Akkun is mean to her, so Aharen makes him apologise. Aharen is exhausted by the children and cannot walk, so she summons her giant dog, Nui, whom she rides back home.

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