Aika R16: Virgin Mission Episode 1 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Secret Game.
Episode Description:
Aika Sumeragi drives a salvaging submarine with Gozo Aida. After getting her C-class license, she shows up late for school again and must wash all the windows as punishment. Meanwhile her posters advertising her salvaging services are taken down by the student council. However, the class president Eri Shinkai invites her after school to join her Treasure Hunting Club, using the offer of piloting one of her company's subs as the hook. She meets Karen Minamino, a quiet girl who bears a tattoo that is revealed to have the coordinates of a location out in the seas. Accepting the offer, Aika joins Eri and Karen aboard her private cruiser. However, during their voyage they are attacked by some of the club members who try to kidnap Karen, and are revealed to be controlled by their club advisor Risako Nagisa.

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