Akame ga Kill! Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Kill the New Recruits.
Episode Description:
Tatsumi, Akame, Leone, Mine and Lubbock are introduced to Chelsea and Susanoo, Najenda's newest recruit and a humanoid Imperial Arms. Meanwhile, Esdeath comforts Seryu over the death of Dr. Stylish. Tatsumi and Leone take out a horde of Marg Dons in the forest. Chelsea uses her Imperial Arms Gaia Foundation, a cosmetics box that allows her to take on any appearance, to change into a cat and steal cake from Mine, who becomes very angry. Chelsea later berates Night Raid for being incompetent, mentioning the deaths of Sheele and Bulat. Mine convinces Tatsumi and Lubbock to teach Chelsea a lesson for what she said...

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