Akame ga Kill! Episode 20 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Kill the Pandemonium.
Episode Description:
Wave and Run worry when Kurome collapses. Tatsumi and Lubbock covertly meet up with the palace maid working as a member of the resistance. At the entrance to the palace, they soon find themselves surrounded by Syura and his elite unit. Great General Budo of the Empire appears and uses his Imperial Arms Adramelech, a pair of gauntlets that generate electricity, to attack Tatsumi. Lubbock struggles as Syura repeatedly warps himself on the ground and in midair using Shambhala. When the palace maid restrains Lubbock, she is injured by Syura, who is blindsided when his right hand holding Shambhala is cut off by Lubbock...

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