Akatsuki no Yona OVA: Sono Se niwa Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
On That Back.
Episode Description:
Yona and the gang head to a hot springs hotel, where they are greeting by the owner, an old women who always dozes off. Later on, Jae-Ha wonders why Kija has not entered the men's bath, discovering that Kija has a scar on his back shaped like claw marks and coming to the conclusion that the previous white dragon warrior scarred Kija's back. Jae-Ha does all he can to distract Hak while Kija washes up at a well. However, Kija exposes his back in front of his friends because a spider crawled down his back, and Jae-Ha painfully disposes of the spider. It is revealed that when Kija was born, he was attacked by his father, who was the predecessor. Kija was only allowed to see his father under supervision. When his father fell ill, Kija visited him alone, noticing that his father's dragon's claw turned into a human hand, and Kija embraced his father before he died. The next day, Yona and the gang leave the hot springs hotel and continue their travels.

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