Akiba Maid Sensou Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
A Blood-soaked Ballgame: The Kyun of Victory Shines On You
Episode Description:
After being absorbed into Creatureland, the Maidaliens were rebranded into an Axolotl-themed maid cafe. As they hold a funeral for Manami, the Oinky Doink Manager comes to pay her respects with the Debt Collector, but ends up angering them. Nagi orders both sides to settle their grievances with a game of baseball. Nagomi is elated that the maids can engage in a peaceful match, but with the cafe short the minimum amount of players for baseball, the Manager is forced to hire three Venezuelans (José, Luis, Antonio) to fill out her side. The Oinky Doink team gets off to a hot start, though the Venezuelans turn out to not be ballplayers but tourists in Akihabara at the time. With her team behind, Ginko orders her team to start cheating, and one of the Axolotl maids hits Nagomi with the bat. The game soon turns into a brawl, despite Nagomi's efforts to focus on the baseball game itself. However, a couple of Axolotl maids grow impressed with her resolve, and start ignoring their manager's cries. Ginko herself decides to step in and attack Ranko with a bat, but is knocked down by Zoya. Suddenly, Ginko is backstabbed by her own Axolotl mascot, who turns out to be Miyabi, shortly before getting stabbed with her own dagger. However, the Axolotl team decides to pretend they are still alive to finish the game, which Ranko wins with a final strikeout. After the game, Ranko meets with Nagi, recognizing her as her sworn sister Uzuko from 15 years ago. Nagi tells her that she should have fought for their mistress in the past, and now must fight for Creatureland.

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