A Garfield Christmas

A Garfield Christmas


In a brightly decorated house, Garfield is awakened by Jon dressed as an elf, who says it is Christmas and Garfield must be treated to a large amount of lasagna before opening his gift, which consists of a robotic Santa Claus which reads minds and produces whatever Garfield wants, pleasing him until Jon actually wakes up Garfield, who realizes he was dreaming. Jon tells Garfield that it is Christmas Eve and Jon, Garfield, and Odie are going to the countryside to celebrate Christmas with Jon's family on their farm. Garfield wonders why they always go to the farm and wonders why they never come to their place instead. During his drive to the farm, Jon talks about Christmas he had when he was a boy. Making their animated debuts are the sweet and always cooking Mom, hard working farmer Dad, the silly younger brother Doc Boy, and the loving, tough as nails Grandma. Grandma and Garfield quickly grow a special bond. Jon, Garfield, and Odie take a walk, while Grandma spikes Mom's sausage gravy by adding chili powder. Jon and Garfield return for dinner, while Odie works on something secretive and then sneaks back into the house. During dinner, Grandma sneaks some food to Garfield and Odie.

Genre; Animation, Comedy, Family, Movie, Musical, Short

Language; Movie

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