Arabian Knights

Arabian Knights


Set among the fantasy-set lands that surround the high city of Baghdad, the show follows the adventures of a group of extraordinary people, who have banded together to fight against a corrupt ruler of Baghdad. The rightful ruler of Baghdad is young Prince Turhan, until the evil Sultan Bakaar and his minions usurp the throne. Turhan becomes a wanted man and must flee the city. He encounters a magician, Fariek, who transforms Turhan and himself into blue wisps of smoke to hide them from Bakaar's minions. Fariek then enchants a table so that it can fly. After leaving the city, the companions hide in a cave, where they meet strongman Raseem the Strong, who befriends them once he realises that they are enemies of Bakaar. The three new allies then set off on the back of Raseem's faithful companion, a small donkey called Zazuum to enlist the aid of Turhan's uncle, the Caliph of El Rabal. They reach the Caliph's city to find he has been deposed by Bakaar. His daughter Nida, Turhan's cousin, is about to be sold into slavery. The allies manage to free Nida, but are cornered by Bakaar's men until assistance arrives in the form of Bez, a man who is able to transform into any animal at will. Turning into an elephant, he charges through the guards and carries everyone to safety. Once away from Bakaar's minions, the group decides to form a heroic band, to hopefully one day overthrow Baakar and restore Turhan as Sultan once more. Thus begin their adventures.

Genre; Animation, Fantasy

Language; Cartoon

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