The title character is a vampiric rabbit who sucks the juice out of vegetables. He lives with a teenager named Mina and her pets: the sensible cat Chester and the endearingly dumb dog Harold. Bunnicula relies on an “oblivious owner” setup, which is familiar territory but allows for lots of fun in the execution as Chester, Harold, and Bunnicula work frantically to make sure that Mina is kept safe and blissfully unaware of the seriously strange things that go on in their New Orleans house. In “Mumkey Business,” Chester’s efforts to lock Bunnicula away and return their household to normal backfires badly when a mummified monkey is released to wreak havoc in the house. A magic harmonica drives the plot of “Walking Fish,” when Bunnicula’s desire for some supernatural tunes brings all the dead fish in New Orleans to life and sends them converging on Mina’s house...

Genre; Comedy, Fantasy

Language; Cartoon

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