Iron Man: Extremis

Iron Man: Extremis


Iron Man: Extremis is the motion comic based on the critically acclaimed Extremis series of comics by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. Iron Man was created by Marvel's Stan Lee along with scripter Larry Lieber, and artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. Iron Man is a unique superhero, an industrialist playboy and engineering genius named Tony Starks, head of multinational weapons company Stark Enterprises. When Tony was kidnapped in an attempt to force him to build weapons of mass destruction for his captors, he desperately fought for a way out. When he suffered a severe heart injury, he needed to find a way to stop the shrapnel from inching closer to his heart. He created a powerful suit of armor, with technology that would save his life and give him the firepower to escape. Stark became Iron Man, and vowed to fight crime and protect Earth. In the Extremis series, a biochemist from Tony's past has created a top-secret weapon, but it has fallen into the wrong hands. The super-soldier serum is codenamed Extremis, and can turn anybody into a nearly indestructible living weapon. To defeat the threat, Iron Man must take on abilities and make changes that will alter Tony and Iron Man forever. Tune in for the exciting motion comic action of the popular comic series Iron Man: Extremis.

Genre; Action, Animation, Sci-fi, Superhero

Language; -

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