James Bond Jr.

James Bond Jr.


James Bond, Jr. was an animated spinoff, from the famous franchise, that centered around 007's nephew. When the series was created in 1991, the James Bond franchise was in its infamous limbo period following the release of Licence to Kill in 1989 and preceding the release of Goldeneye in 1995. Failing to remain true to the 1967 James Bond Junior 003 1/2 novel (By R.D. Mascott), the TV show is as follows: Warfield Academy is a high security college for relatives of Secret Service employees. 007's teenage newphew (also called James) is there, as is Felix Leiter's son, and Q's grandson. When they are not in class, they're battling the forces of S.C.U.M., an international organisation resembling S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in many ways. The show featured a number of updated versions of classic Bond villains. Examples - Jaws was featured in this show, but unlike the movies in which the man had a mouthful of steel teeth, this guy had robot jaws, his whole mouth made of steel! The Late-Scaramanga's assistant, Nick Nack, made a come back too. Goldfinger and his henchman, Oddjob, also appeared in this series. While Goldfinger and Oddjob looked pretty much identical to their silver screen counterparts, Oddjob's taste for clothes had changed radically. Whereas in the film he was dressed as a formal butler, here Oddjob sports a metallic visor over his eyes, a purple and yellow tracksuit and a gold chain bearing the letter 'OJ', though he still used his razer-rimmed hat. Dr. No was also featured in this, but due to his little 'sinking feeling' in the radioactive water (see the movie) his skin is now green. He still has robotic hands but, like Oddjob, his clothes have changed radically; in the film he wore plain smocks, now he prefers red and purple jumpsuits with massive shoulders and boots...

Genre; Adventure, Spy fiction

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