Miss BG

Miss BG


"BG" stands for "Bella Gloria" and her surname is Baxter. The main character of the series, Miss BG, is an 8-year-old girl according to Breakthrough Animation. Her brother George has a very active personality and dotes on his pet hamster Albert. BG is an energetic girl who hangs out in a tree house with two friends, Gad and Alex. Gad's father, Mr. Mansour, owns the neighborhood market while Alex's older brother Robbie is a teenager who often lends a hand when the children need the aid of an older person, escorts them to and from school plus generally chaperones them when they are out and about. Other characters in the series include Brittany-Ann, a wealthy rival of BG, Kayla, Brittany-Ann's best friend, Billy, a boastful, athletic 9-year-old boy who is also Brittany-Ann's friend and crush, Terry, a teenage girl who babysits Miss BG and George, Alice, her aunt, and Ouma, Gad's grandmother who lives with his family.

Genre; Adapted Literature, Animation, Comedy

Language; -

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