Qiang Niang English Subbed

Qiang Niang English Subbed


Qiang Niang mainly tells of the protagonist Carrie, who has lost her combat memories, searching for herself and the story of her final "Awakening". In the years between 2025 to 2030, a world war involving the entire world has resulted in the demise of half the world's population, and humanity has already lost control of the direction the war shall go in. In order to seize ultimate victory, war has gradually been turned into a battle without people, similar to a game. War has already become about Satellite lasers, Bomb drones, Intelligent AI, a battlefield between unmanned gun turrets and tanks... Then, there are also a group of young maidens who uses outdated firearms to engage in battle —— the Gun Girls. Turning back the time: In order to evade capture from its own kind, an intelligent life-form from the cosmos that has come to Earth, it fused with the "Inorganic Compound" M4A1 in the warehouse of a nearby weapons dealer. In the midst of being passed from person to person, the M4A1 finally landed into the hands of a youth in a military compound in a certain city. The youth took the M4A1 home, talked to her, showed her care and concern and carefully wiped her clean - and the Life-form from the cosmos began to move again. In order to respond to the youth's emotions, the gun (Life-form from the cosmos) turned into a beautiful young maiden. The youth named the gun-turned-human "Carrie". However, the big countries that know of Carrie's existence began competing to seize her. The youth died trying to protect Carrie. The humans then began research on the Gun Girl Carrie. Barrett, Shasha and the others are the result of said research. Through the study of Carrie, Humanity's technology made remarkable progress, and entered the space age. With supremacy over the cosmos at stake, war erupted between the various great nations of the world. A world war has formally begun.

Genre; Action, Comedy, Military, Sci-fi, Slice Of Life, Space

Language; -

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