Stunt Dawgs

Stunt Dawgs


The show revolves around the manic antics of the Stunt Dawgs, a band of Hollywood stuntmen (and one woman) who double as troubleshooters. The team, led by the gung-ho Needham, consists of: Splat (a wealthy guy who speaks like Dudley Do-Right and specialized in plane stunts), Crash (the cool African-American who specializes in car wrecks; he also has the misfortune of being endlessly pursued by an obsessed female fan named Velma), Sizzle (the token female whose passion is pyrotechnics) and the rookie Skidd (an unkempt New-Age dude who drives a motorcycle). They also have a dog mascot named Human. The Dawgs' adventures always seem to involve foiling the schemes of a crazed villainous Hollywood producer/director named Richard P. Fungus and his band of stuntmen; the Stunt Scabs, consisting of Airball (Fungus' sycophantic French sidekick), Budyear (a big lunk who'd do anything for money), Half-A-Mind (a disfigured stuntman who has the habit of falling to pieces-literally-and of course, has...

Genre; Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Language; -

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