Valt the Wonder Deer

Valt the Wonder Deer


The first season of Valt the Wonder Deer follows the adventures of Valt, a wonder deer and his five friends as they journey to obtain special powers granted by the Five Magical Elements, as well as rescue his trapped parents, the Deer King and Queen, from the evil overlords of the Land of Metal. In season 2, after peace and harmony has been restored to the Five Lands, Valt starts to miss his friends even though they're a portal away from him. His vacation however is cut short by more monsters suddenly arriving called the Nanomites; dark, flying swarm of bugs that can turn anything into an enemy. Valt reassembles the guardians to protect the Five Lands, but unbeknownst to him, Da-Ming and his bride are controlling the bugs, and they want to regain their throne. In season 3, Valt receives his father's powers and becomes the Protector of the Five Lands. He is then tricked by Da-Ming into opening the gate to Porcelain Mountain and unleashses a great evil. While trying to battle a Shadow Monster, he realizes his powers are gone, and he has no memory of unleashing that evil.

Genre; Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Language; -

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