Barbie and the Diamond Castle

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Episode Title:
Barbie and the Diamond Castle.
Episode Description:
The movie begins with Barbie and her best friend Teresa trying to play a song on their guitars when Barbie's sister Stacie storms in, angry at her friend Courtney. Barbie decides to tell Stacie the story of two friends named Liana and Alexa, who also get angry at each other. The two best friends live in a hut beside a beautiful garden and plant flowers to make a living. They also share a love of music. One day, they find two heart-shaped stones which they make into necklaces to symbolize their friendship, not realizing that they are trinkets from the mythical Diamond Castle. The next day, an old woman gives them a mirror after they share the last of their food with her. The mirror is the hiding place of Melody, an apprentice muse. Melody is on the run from Lydia, one of three muses who lived in the Diamond Castle. Lydia became evil and turned the other two muses to stone, but not before they hid the Castle and left the key with Melody. If Lydia finds the Diamond Castle, all music will end, and with it eventually the world. Liana and Alexa coax a song out of Melody by singing, and Lydia's minion, a dragon known as Slyder, locates Melody by her voice. With their home destroyed by Slyder, Alexa and Liana go with Melody to find the Diamond Castle and keep it safe from Lydia. They find two small puppies and at an inn meet twin musicians named Ian and Jeremy, who hear the girls sing and instantly fall for them, but the girls leave them behind at the inn. Lydia confronts them, and tries to cast a spell on them with her flute, but the girls' necklaces protect them. Lydia sets Slyder on them, but Ian and Jeremy arrive and they all escape...

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