Bartende Episode 8 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Lie at the Counter.
Episode Description:
Ryuu receives a visit from two customers, a woman and a man; the latter claims to be a doctor. While they are having a usual talk, Ryuu quietly watches and listens to his conversations, as he serves Angel's Tip to both of them. In later time, Ryuu is challenged by the man at the start of the episode to perform a "taste test". As he arranges different marked glasses on the counter, he pours in water into each of them and places a drop from each of the different bottles in the glasses. He is to turn facing away from the counter as the man randomly switches the positions of the glasses for him to guess the names of the drinks. As this continues, the episode switches to a flashback scene where it appears that the man on the counter turned out to be a con man after his wish to perform a fake proposal to the woman in the bar is declined by Ryuu, whom detected his error playing as a doctor during their early conversations. The man went as far as adding a different cocktail into one of the glasses during the taste test. Ryuu however, successfully detects his trick and accurately guessed the mixture of which the drink contained. The featured drink is "Pastis Water".

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