Battle Athletes Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Objective Tension.
Episode Description:
We find out that Chris Christopher is disturbed by past memories of her mother and father. Her faith is serious and when she joined university satellite her parents were saddened. First Battle steeple chase also called the obstacle course from hell. This is just one of five events to determine the cosmic beauty . of the first events contains a roller-coaster running track hurdles and Tunnel version of Battle lacrosse. Second Battle super high jump. The objective is to one down a vertical track to pick up speed and jump over the high jump bar that is extremely high Approximately 6 m. It's do or die here will they make it? Third Battle. marksman ship. The objective is to bounce balls off of targets down a court and the ball must land in the gold at the end recommended targets is five. Fourth Battle. The objective is to run around the track like the kind today except the track has been warped. It's like running on a roller-coaster track it goes every which way your imagination ca

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