Black Rock Shooter: Dawnfall Episode 6 English Subbed


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The children kidnapped by the educational institution were subjected to the Hemiteos unitization suitability test. Miya, who had the potential to be fit, was about to undergo a full-scale remodeling operation in an educational institution, a land aircraft carrier. At that time, just as Strength and Norito, who came to rescue Miya, rush into a land aircraft carrier and cover them, Empress begins a battle with the escort armed vehicle unit, an educational institution. In the lab, the corpses of girls who had been treated like rubbish due to failed conformance tests were rolling around like mountains. In the remodeling facility, he found Miya who was imprisoned, and there was also Lunatic, the incarnation of Artemis. The strength of Lunatic's words and actions that seem to treat people as fools... And the fight with the escort armed vehicle unit comes to an end, where the leaders of the educational institution, Smiley and Charlotte, appear. And a fierce battle without two opponents begins.

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