Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 20 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
I Am The Edge
Episode Description:
The Stern Ritter "V" (Vanishing Point) Gwenael Lee explains that his ability is to remove himself from his opponents senses, mind and reality too. However, he is increasingly annoyed, when Yachiru attacks him on pure instinct as soon as he reemerges to attack. Noting Lee's failure, the real Stern Ritter "V" ( the Visionary), Gremmy Thoumeaux appears in the barrier with Kensei and Rose, explaining that his ability is to turn into reality whatever he imagines, and Lee is just a figment of his imagination that he deletes immediately, after he has already killed Rose and Kensei. He imagines that Yachiru's bones are made of cookies, incapacitating her. Suddenly, Kenpachi bursts into the place and informs Kotetsu of Unohana's death. Considering himself the strongest Stern Ritter, Gremmy immediately challenges Kenpachi. He tries imagining him in a pool of water to drown him, but Kenpachi breaks out and slashes him. Gremmy then imagines various guns and missiles and imagines another body for himself, doubling his power of imagination. With the doubled power, he imagines a meteor coming to crash down on the Seireitei, alarming both Soul Reapers and Quincies. Kenpachi, having learned Zanpakutō's name, Nozarashi, decides to unleashes his Shikai, resembling an oversized meat cleaver, with which he obliterates the meteor. Gremmy imagines over a dozen of himself, and with their combined powers, he imagines Kenpachi in outer space. Though significantly injured, Kenpachi breaks through the imaginary space and slashes Gremmy. Angered by his durability and strength, Gremmy tries to imagine his body as strong as Kenpachi's, which in turn weaponized his own imagination against him, since he saw Kenpachi as an all-powerful monster, breaking his own body down. As he is dying, Gremmy reveals his true body to be just a brain.

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