Blue Lock Episode 13 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Top 3
Episode Description:
The match starts between Isagi's team, in white, and Rin's team, in red. Team White scores a goal working together but is tied when Rin lands a shot from kick-off. In the next round, a pass to Isagi from Bachira is intercepted by Jyubei, using his height and long limbs to steal the ball and score. When Bachira attempts to out-maneuver Aoshi next round, his normally skittish and self-deprecating demeanor gives way to monstrous speed and strength, overwhelming Bachira and Isagi and scoring another goal. Nagi attempts a formation between the three of them to block their opponents' individual strengths, allowing them to score. Rin attempts another shot at kick-off but is blocked by Isagi, putting the ball out of bounds. Believing they have him locked down, Rin's ability to curve shots allows him to score from the corner with ease...

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