Boy and the World

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Episode Title:
Boy and the World.
Episode Description:
The entire film is told with very little dialogue and what dialogue there is, is actually Portuguese, but backwards. Cuca lives a very simple and blissful life with his parents, playing in the forests and interacting with the animals and listening to sounds that are represented by glowing balls of light. One day Cuca's father leaves by train to find work saddening Cuca with the nostalgia of playing with his mom and dad. Feeling that he will never be happy again, Cuca leaves with a large suitcase that contains only a picture of him and his parents. While waiting for the train, a sudden gust of wind lifts him up carrying him far away to a world that appears to have two moons. Cuca is rescued by an old man and his dog, who promptly take him along to work in the cotton fields. While there, Cuca hears the music of a traveling parade lead by a young man in a rainbow poncho. The foreman of the cotton fields begins going over his workers firing those who are unable to work or are sick which unfortunately includes the old man. Cuca, the old man, and the dog leave and stop under a large pink leaved tree where Cuca spots his father traveling in the back of a truck and leaves the old man and dog to continue his journey. He arrives at a factory where the workers churn the cotton into fabric in robotic unison. At the end of the day, Cuca takes a bus into a grimy city and ends up staying with a young factory worker who is later revealed to be the rainbow poncho-wearing parader. In the morning, Cuca and the young man arrive at the market where the young man works as a street musician on the side. While playing with a kaleidoscope, Cuca ends up on a barge where he learns that the fabrics are taken to a futuristic utopian city where they are folded and repackaged to be sold back in the grimy city. He reunites with the young man who takes him back to the factory to reveal where he makes the rainbow poncho. They then witness the factory's manager making a deal with business men to replace the workers with a large automatic machine. The young man and the rest of the workers are fired and it is implied that they will continue to work in the cotton fields...

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