Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 11.5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Much Ado About Nothing.
Episode Description:
The episode starts after Hatsuna's confession; Ryōta goes looking for Neko because of the "sudden kiss", with Kazumi having a self-conscious jealous rage. Wanting to know who Ryōta likes, he confirms it's Kuroneko, though he refuses to say anything more. Kazumi gets persistent, and then accidentally trips down the hill with Ryōta holding onto her. She finds herself in the observatory with everyone else. When Hatsuna starts flirting with Ryōta, Kazumi remarks that Ryōta is too slow of responding to girls' feelings and begins a rivalry for marriage. Kana then foresight that if things get any worse the observatory will collapse above them, but Kazumi dismisses her. The competition begins with cooking in naked aprons, Kotori is successful, but Kazumi and Hatsuna's were totally inedible. Next round, a test to endure in the hot spring ends in a draw. Then last, is massaging Ryōta, Hatsuna went first, Kotori swaps her place, and then Neko but failed. Neko gets upset then her magic causes the big telescope to fall onto Kazumi crushing her. Suddenly, Kazumi wakes up to find Ryōta giving her mouth-to-mouth. Kazumi realizes she had been hallucinating the whole time after falling down the hill. Neko misunderstands Ryōta for kissing Kazumi, and the fight over Ryōta's affection continues.

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