Buddy Complex: Kanketsu-hen - Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Into the Skies of Tomorrow – First Half.
Episode Description:
Hina comes aboard the Cygnus with Aoba and Dio, and she must decide where her allegiances lie, eventually choosing to remain with Aoba. Meanwhile, her former comrades return home to Zogilia to find a shocking turn of events, when a coup d'etat at Zogilia put in power a Provisional Government Administration led by Evgeni Kendar, alas Bizon Gerafil, who manage to survive the explosion, thus he was sent 70 years in the past, waiting for his revenge. However, the Free Pact Alliance is also shocked to found out that another powerful nectar cannon is been secretly built by Zogilia on an orbital satellite and this too must be destroyed. After a few weeks, the Cygnus and other ships are equipped to travel in outer space, however, they found out that the satellite is already completed and its heavily guarded by Alfred Gallant and his squad. Though in a precarious situation Aoba, Dio and the rest of the fleet are able to obtain some success, but Bizon decide to sacrifice his own troops in order to destroy Aoba, half of the fleet and even the Alaska base (which was occupied by the Alliance) using the Nectar Cannon, Aoba and Dio are able to escape death thanks to Hina's help, while the Cygnus and even Alfred Gallant barely manage to survive. At last, Bizon show up in order to destroy Aoba armed of a special valiancer, created by Dotocr Hahn, who is aboard the satellite, able of coupling with only one pilot (thus with some secondary effect to the pilot).

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