By the Grace of the Gods Season 2 Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Ryoma and the Local Cuisine
Episode Description:
Ryoma learns from Eliaria she is about to move to the Imperial Capital to begin her studies and decides to make some soap as gifts for her. Back at the shop, he learns the cleaning slimes in the Lenaf shop have begun multiplying out of control. After dealing with the situation, Ryoma meets Pioro, who introduces him to the shapaya, a traditional food known for having a pungent smell and helps him get rid of the odor with his deodorizing slime, receiving a barrel full of them in return. He also learns Miyabi just departed to the capital to study as well. Back to Gimul, Ryoma learns from Serge the music box production is going smoothly and they intend to launch their product during the upcoming festival to celebrate the city's foundation. At the shop, Ryoma develops a new dish using the shapaya and some spices he received as gift from some relatives of his employees, and they decide to mount their own stall in the festival.

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