Case Closed Episode 1003 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part One)
Episode Description:
Kogoro, Conan, Amuro, and "Irohara Sushi" craftsman Kanenori Wakita were heading to Nagano, replacing Sonoko, who was originally supposed to go with them, had a fever, and Ran, who was going to visit her. This was because the client, Yasuo Hihara, wrote in the letter, "Be sure to come with four people." The letter also contained a piece of paper written in katakana cipher. The four of them arrived at an abandoned church in the depths of a snowstorm. In the chapel were Yorito Fujide, a high school teacher, Kohei Wada, an office worker, Ikue Furuura, a banker, Yosuke Kawasaki, a banker, and Sumiya Nishino, a bartender. In their conversation, Conan and his friends find out that their client, Hihara, committed suicide here two months ago. Suddenly, a loud sound echoes and the parking lot where the car was parked collapses. The nine of them gets stuck and contacts the Nagano Prefectural Police. However, The Nagano Prefectural Police's Kansuke Yamato, Yui Uehara, and Takaaki Morofushi, who came to the site, confirmed that the entrance of the tunnel was blocked by the avalanche and could not be picked up immediately...

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