Dance with Devils Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Opera Ball of Endings and Beginnings.
Episode Description:
While the devils, Lindo and Loewen fight off the vampires, Jek takes Ritsuka back to Lord Nesta in order to continue the ceremony. Lord Nesta tries to bite Ritsuka again, but Loewen interferes allowing Ritsuka to escape and she is saved by Lindo who leaves her in Rem's care. Rem takes Ritsuka to a safe place, and while there, he hugs her, relieved she was safe. Lindo defeats Jek causing him to plummet and get impaled to death on a statue. Lord Nesta suddenly recognises Lindo as his estranged son and hypnotises him in order to make him his ally, but Lindo is quick to snap out of his spell and he stabs his father through the heart with his claws. Lord Nesta falls dead on the ground and the remaining vampires retreat. Ritsuka reunites with Lindo until Lord Nesta suddenly revives and gets up, causing the devils and Loewen to realise that Lord Nesta had hidden his 'real' heart elsewhere to prevent himself from dying. He attacks everyone by sending them flying into the walls, and Rem saves Ritsuka. Having had enough of her current situation, Ritsuka decides that she will protect everyone, and her determination activates the grimoire's powers. With the help of the grimoire, she is able to locate Lord Nesta's real heart which had been hidden in one of the statues, and she stabs it with the pair of scissors, ending Lord Nesta once and for all just as the grimoire's powers fade away. The devils also notice that the grimoire's scent no longer lingers. As they go outside, Rem is finally able to declare his love for Ritsuka which she happily accepts and rekindles. He then tells her with the grimoire gone, he has no need to remain in the human world and he asks her to live with him in the devil world. Ritsuka declines and they go their separate ways. Just before Rem disappears, he gives Ritsuka his crown from the evening party and they share a kiss as he fades away. Life returns to normal in the Tachibana family and Ritsuka wears Rem's crown around her neck at all times signifying her unending love for him with hopes of meeting him again someday. Meanwhile, Loewen opens a pair of large doors revealing a book. The locks on the book unlock itself and the pages fly open until a pair of black pages are shown. The episode ends with Loewen welcoming Lord Maksis back, implying that the story is unfinished.

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