Dance with Devils Episode 3 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Tango of Passion and Seduction.
Episode Description:
Lindo takes Ritsuka home, ignoring Rem's greetings. The next morning, he tells her not to leave the house, then sprinkles holy water around the property before leaving. Urie arrives, but is unable to cross the line of holy water. He informs Ritsuka that they have information on her mother, and offers to take her to Rem. However, he instead takes her to a large conservatory, where he attempts to hypnotize her but is repelled by her pendant. When she runs away, the conservatory suddenly becomes dark and a carnival magically appears, and she is chased by a group of girls with masks and strange marks on their necks who Urie calls his "butterflies". He then appears and saves her from them at the last moment, and they hide. Urie then reveals that he was lying about her mother, but then tries to break her trust in her brother by revealing that Lindo has been training as an exorcist in England without her knowledge. Putting her in a trance once again, he questions her on the location of the grimoire before ordering her to remove the amulet. Rem then arrives and rescues her, and she flees. Outside, she finds Lindo looking for her, and they leave for home, as she wonders how he knew where she was.

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