Dance with Devils Episode 7 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Pas de Deux of Fantasy and Innocence.
Episode Description:
While Rem is being rebuked by his father for failing to obtain the grimoire, Shiki takes the opportunity to slip out in search of Ritsuka with Urie and Mage following behind him. Meanwhile, Ritsuka is shopping with Azuna when she comes across Loewen in the store. Following him outside, she is shocked when he transforms into the mysterious person from episode four and introduces himself as Cerberus, a servant of the fiend Maksis. He then offers to take her to the demon realm to learn the secrets of the grimoire. Shiki leads Mage and Urie to Azuna, hoping she can tell them where Ritsuka is, but they are forced to flee when Lindo arrives. Meanwhile, Loewen reveals to Ritsuka that she is, in fact, the forbidden grimoire, and her powers will be released on her seventeenth birthday. He tries to convince her to wait in the demon realm until that time comes, but Rem arrives and tells her not to. Loewen seizes her and threatens to rip her heart out if she doesn't come with him, but she repels him with the ring of the Sacred Lux. Lindo then arrives, and seeing Ritsuka bleeding from Loewen's injury, he blames Rem and attacks him. Ritsuka begs her brother to stop, but his eyes turn red and he grows claws, lashing at her when she gets in his way. Suddenly realizing what he is doing, he reverts to his normal self and Rem disappears. That night, Lindo tells Ritsuka that both he and their mother knew that she was the grimoire; the pendant that their mother gave her contained holy potpourri meant to mask the grimoire's scent. Going to bed, Ritsuka wonders who she can trust now.

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