Date A Live Season 2 Episode 5 English Dubbed


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The suspension placed on Origami is finally lifted, and Ryōko receives several complaints before Jessica Bailey takes over as AST's new leader. Shido is selected as the organizer of the Ten-Oh Festival. After a spatial quake alarm goes off, Shido gets to work before a new Spirit, Diva, makes her first appearance. She's proving to be more of a challenge than the other Spirits, when the AST intervenes and tries to take her down. Shido finds himself in a troubling situation, and Diva manages to escape. It is later disclosed to Shido that Diva, aka Miku Izayoi, is a full-blown idol that hates all men, meaning he has no chance of winning her over. This leads the Fraxinus crew to decide that Shido has to cross-dress as "Shiori" in order for him to get close to Miku, an idea two episodes ago in which Tohka and Origami fight over before. Approaching her on stage as a girl, Shiori quickly befriends Miku before she invites him to tea. During their sit-down, Miku strongly requests Shiori to transfer to her school as a close contact using her manipulative voice powers. Shiori is unaffected, leading Miku to become suspicious of "her". Failing to make a deal, Miku challenges Shiori to a competition at the Festival wherein the loser has to offer herself to the winner. Meanwhile, Jessica Bailey from the DEM instructs AST to capture Tohka and Shido.

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