Date A Live Season 3 Episode 11 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Angel of the Starry Night.
Episode Description:
Shido illuminates how he and Kurumi are the only ones who retain knowledge of the previous timeline. Reine analyzed footage from Origami's Inverse form and theorizes that despite the alteration of space-time continuum Origami possesses both personas of her current and old self, which the latter acts as a self-defense mechanism whenever she comes across a Spirit. He'd already prescheduled the usual plan to have Origami fall for Shido and seal her powers. The two developed genuine moods on their date, although Shido refuses to oblige to Ratatoskr's three-way choice, wanting to advance Origami's previous aspects that catches her attention. Later, when Shido rescued Origami from falling off the cliff edge, she notice Efreet's flame healing Shido's wound, and transforms into Devil. Tohka and the Spirit Team sense the dreadful danger and intercept the Devil's Satan with Fraxinus shoot down. Within Origami's subconscious she comes into conflict with her old self, Shido breaks through and grabs her hand. Even though Origami didn't have real affections for Shido before, he tells her since five years ago, that she no longer has to carry her burdens alone and he kisses her, reverting Origami to her true Astral Dress. Kotori and the Fraxinus crew have survived. Shido is at school while Origami and Tohka resume to what they usually do in the old timeline with a change: fight for Shido's affection while smiling at the end with her long hair cut back down to short hair again.

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