Date A Live Season 3 Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Power Given.
Episode Description:
As Origami fights against the other Spirits, Natsumi and Yoshino rescue Shido. The Fraxinus continues to battle against Ellen and her ship while Tohka struggles to protect the others from Origami's attacks, until she manages to regain her lost power and fatally wounds her. Having lost the battle Origami accepts Phantom's offer of more power and transforms into a Spirit herself equipped with , vowing to kill all Spirits before committing suicide to ensure that no one else can be harmed by them anymore. When she resumes the fight against Tohka, Shido appears to stands in her way, leading her to retreat. Later, as the other Spirits are recuperating and Shido prepares to seal Tohka again, Origami appears before Kurumi.

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