Date A Live Season 3 Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Tengu City, Five Years Ago.
Episode Description:
Kurumi, syncing with Shido in the past, directs him to the spot where Kotori received her Spirit powers from Phantom. Using Natsumi's magic to disguise as his 10-year-old self, Shido witnessed the events that took place when future Origami arrives and attacks. He realizes that Origami's parents were unintentionally killed by future Origami herself, thus causing her to go Inverse. Shido saves and comforts past Origami. He asks past Origami to carry all her emotions to him as the only emotion she will now carry is anger and vows to avenge her parents. This explains why she remembers him in the beginning of season 1. Not giving up, Kurumi leads Shido to meet her past self (eye-patch Kurumi) with the method to alter history. Eye-patch Kurumi is initially skeptical but after communicating with the Kurumi in the present, they reach an agreement. Eye-patch Kurumi sends Shido back in time a few hours, thus giving him a second chance to change history. Shido hides to allow Phantom to give Kotori the power first. Then Shido attempts to persuade Phantom to leave such that the fight with future Origami could be avoided. Phantom mysteriously instantly knows who Shido is and that he came from the future with Kurumi's help. She transforms into a pink-haired girl and refuses to leave as she said she had some tasks to achieve. Future Origami appears and the fight happens again. Just when history seemed doomed to repeat itself, Shido runs to where past Origami is and pushes Origami's parents out of the way and takes the hit instead. He then awakens in his bedroom, unsure if history has been changed.

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