Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020) English Dubbed

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Episode Title:
Last Evolution Kizuna
Episode Description:
It's 2010, over ten years since the summer when Taichi met Agumon and the others. Existence of the Digimon has gradually been acknowledged worldwide. During all this, certain incidents begin to occur to DigiDestined around the world, caused by a Digimon called Eosmon. But during the battle with Eosmon, Taichi's group finds out a shocking truth: When a DigiDestined becomes an adult, his or her partner Digimon will cease to exist... The threat posed by Eosmon gradually spreads to affect Taichi's friends as well. He can't save his friends if he won't fight, but fighting will mean he has to say goodbye to his partner that much sooner. Will he fight, even if it means losing the one most dear to him?

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