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Auto mechanic hobbyist and Collector Kyouma Mabuchi is called in by Mary to confiscate illegal Coils acquired by a local gang led by the Won Brothers. Kyouma is surprised when Every Won kidnaps a girl, but Kyouma deals with the criminals anyway. Jony Won attempts to take the girl as a hostage, but Kyouma remains unmoved. The girl is forced to defend herself, throwing a couch at Jony and revealing herself to be a robot. She slaps Kyouma unconscious in embarrassment and escapes with most of the illegal Coils. Kyouma is later woken by his old friend Albert Schuman, who chides him for falling asleep on the job. Kyouma brushes him off and pursues the girl, capturing her and the illegal Coils. Meanwhile, Albert locates Shido Yurizaki and asks him to return to New Tesla Energy. Shido refuses, activating a device that burns out all Coils nearby before vanishing in a pillar of green light, also shutting down the robot girl. Kyouma takes her to Mary's laboratory, where she is examined and reactivated by Koorogi. After getting over her unease of being exposed on the examination table, the girl begs Kyouma and Mary to let her become a Collector.

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