Dimension W Episode 10 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Reviving a Nightmare.
Episode Description:
As Mira works with Harry & Debby to destroy the robot, Kyouma recovers to save Mira before she is nearly lost in the region of nothingness. Kyouma reveals that he woke up by removing an implant that was secretly warped in his earlobe, and that he remembers that memories are connected through dimensions. Lwai then arrives heavily damaged, warning Kyouma, Mira and Harry & Debby that K.K. and a now mind-controlled Yuriy attempted to assassinate him. Meanwhile, Chrysler confronts Loser, and it is quickly revealed that both of them are equipped with Numbers in their suits. Kyouma, Mira and Harry & Debby later encounter K.K., who tells them that he was hired to ensure that nobody else finds the Coil hidden on Easter Island and sends Yuriy to attack them. Kyouma is separated and is forced to fight one of his old Grendel teammates, Douglas Marks, who is also mind-controlled by K.K. as a puppet. Kyouma destroys Douglas's control device, putting him to rest, but K.K. escapes and kills Lwai. An enraged Kyouma is about to kill K.K. but is stopped by Mira. A second Lwai appears, explaining that he has multiple bodies.

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