Dragons II: The Metal Ages

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Episode Title:
Dragons II: The Metal Ages.
Episode Description:
It is revealed that following the end of the Norvagen/Draigar war, the Dragons briefly returned to Earth but decided to return to Dragon World and let Humans guide their own paths. Scylla, high priestess and queen of the Odaku army, along with her dragon Slann, summons the Shadow Dragons Gryndel and Daakon. She offers to open a portal to the Dragon Realm if they aid her in conquering the Norvagen and Draigar kingdoms. Meanwhile, Norvagen Prince Dev and Draigar Princess Kyra lead a raiding party to take out an Odaku outpost, who have been increasing attacks against them. But as they enter the outpost, the sleeping soldiers turn out to be decoys, and the raiding party is ambushed. The Odaku wear armour that repels any form of attack and they are armed with explosive weapons. Worse, the Shadow Dragons arrive, and take the souls of Targon and Aurora, Dev and Kyras Dragon companions, killing them. Seeing this, Dev goes into a battle rage. Meanwhile, Dev's and Kyras fathers worry about their children, especially Dev, who has shown signs of being a berserker, like his grandfather. After the attack, Dev and Kyra regain consciousness and find the fallen Targon and Aurora. Dev realizes he is losing control of his emotions. A second fleet of Odaku soldiers arrive and Dev and Kyra are left defenseless. A stranger approaches them and offers to aid them, and Kyra eagerly follows him, along with Dev, who is hesitant about traveling with the stranger...

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