El Hazard The Magnificent World Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Third Night: The World of Hot Springs.
Episode Description:
Having reached the summit of the mountain, Makoto learns that the priestesses have gone on retreat for a purification ritual in a distant desert. If you are as disappointed as Makoto at these developments then perhaps you will be as pleased as I am upon learning that the secret retreat is a hot springs, and the ritual of purification is, in a word, skinny dipping. Director Hayashi devotes most of "The World of Hot Springs" to the performance of this blessed, naked ritual. While at the hot springs, Sensei, on whom one of the priestesses forms a crush, must remain blindfolded so as not to glimpse at the nude priestesses. However, Makoto, still in convincing drag, can and does glimpse to his hearts content … until his girlfriend Nanami shows up selling lunches and exposes him. I mean that literally. This starts quite a hubbub amongst the wet, nude, superhuman, holy ladies. Fortunately everyone makes up before the assassin arrives. While Makoto suffers thusly, his rival Jinnai devises a cunning plan (really just a plan). To compete with the Eye of God that the priestesses control, Jinnai plans to awaken the "Legendary demon god Ifurita," who ravaged the land during ancient wars (when ravaging was all the rage). Queen Diva dares to doubt Jinnai's wisdom since he has no plan to control the demon god once awoken. But Jinnai is more a nefarious visionary than a pragmatist. Naturally, Makoto and his allies hear of the plan and race to stop Jinnai, which gives us the series' first real cliffhanger.

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