Eve no Jikan Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Sammy: Companions of Eve.
Episode Description:
Rikuo exclaims to Masaki that Sammy couldn't have acted by herself and that she denies ever going to the Time of Eve café. Masaki asks Rikou to recite the Three Laws of Robotics and concludes that there is no law about lying, they decide to go to the café again to confirm if Sammy was lying. They intend to wait for Sammy to arrive, but instead become preoccupied when Chie steals and hides Rikuo's glasses. Akiko arrives and assures Rikuo that he'll get them back eventually. Masaki later leaves to chase after Setoro while another patron talks to Nagi. Rikuo figures out that androids can lie but Shimei explains that sometime secrets are kept to protect the people most dear to them. Rikuo retrieves his glasses from Nagi and discovers the patron talking to her was Sammy, she runs out of the café and the door locks behind her. Nagi calms Rikuo down and points out that Sammy is just lonely and he should think more about her feelings and consider his options more carefully, the door unlocks and Rikuo decides not to chase after Sammy. Rikuo returns home and thanks Sammy, saying the coffee tastes great. Setoro reports to Dr. Ashimori that Rikuo could not be an Ethics Committee spy.

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