Fairy Tail OVA Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Fairies' Training Camp.
Episode Description:
Mavis's spirit leaves Sirius Island to visit Fairy Tail, watching as Natsu and his friends train for the Grand Magic Games. That evening, the girls drink all of the alcohol at their lodging and tease the mortified boys in a drunken state. Later, at the hot spring, Lucy tells the girls about how she first discovered Natsu and Happy's house. In a flashback, Lucy plans to play a prank on Natsu and Happy by waiting in their room as revenge for the many times they have appeared uninvited in her own home. She is initially disgusted by the filthiness of their house, but notices that they have taken special care of various memorabilia they have collected from all of their missions with her. Touched, Lucy tidies up their room while she waits for them. When they do not return, she becomes forlorn and returns home, only to find the two have fallen asleep in her bedroom while waiting for her. In the present, after the boys are caught trying to peep on the girls, Mavis decides to lend the guild her support for the tournament.

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