Fairy Tail OVA Episode 6 Fairy Tail x Rave English Subbed


Episode Title:
Fairy Tail x Rave.
Episode Description:
In a crossover with Rave Master, Natsu and his friends separately meet Haru Glory and his companions Elie, Plue, Musica, Let, Julia, and Griff. Natsu and Haru strike up an immediate friendship until Haru learns that Natsu is on a mission to capture someone at Ruby's casino who seemingly matches Elie's description. The two break into a destructive fight that is eventually broken up by Erza, the actual, unwitting target of Natsu's mission. The casino is suddenly attacked by a giant slot machine mech piloted by the living staff Kurodoa, who has obtained a Dark Bring that creates soldiers from coins. While their friends battle the soldiers, Natsu and Haru team up and defeat Kurodoa, gaining each other's respect. The two groups go their separate ways, fondly reminiscing the encounter.

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