Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Prologue Episode 0 English Dubbed


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Rin Tohsaka wakes up after having a dream about her last moment with her father Tokiomi Tohsaka. She arrives early to school, only to realize that the clocks at her home were set forward by an hour. She meets with other people at the school who arrived early, including Ayako Mitsuzuri, the captain of the archery club; Sakura Matou, a new member of the archery club; Shinji Matou, Sakura's older brother; Taiga Fujimura, one of the schoolteachers; Issei Ryuudou, the student council president; and Shirou Emiya, a boy fixing a heater for Issei. After school in preparation for the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rin performs a summoning ritual at home and summons the Servant Archer, who is initially dissatisfied with Rin. An irritated Rin then wastes one of her Command Seals and orders Archer into absolute obedience. While the order is worded vaguely and therefore seemingly pointless, Archer commends Rin for her skill as a mage. Archer has no memories of who he is after he was summoned, much to Rin's displeasure. The next day, Rin skips school and shows Archer around the city, revealing to him that she has no wish for the Holy Grail, only a desire to win. The following day, Rin senses a magical barrier being set up at school. As night falls, Rin attempts to destroy the barrier, but is then confronted by the Servant Lancer, who engages Archer in a sword fight. As they battle, Archer correctly deduces the true identity of Lancer as being the ancient Irish hero Cú Chulainn. The battle is witnessed by a student, whom Lancer pursues and mortally wounds before fleeing. Finding the student's body, Rin identifies him as Shirou and decides to use magic to revive him. After leaving, Rin and Archer realize that Lancer's Master will sense that Shirou has survived and have Lancer finish the job. As Rin and Archer head over to the suburbs, they are attacked by the Servant Saber.

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