Garfield's Thanksgiving

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Episode Title:
Garfield's Thanksgiving.
Episode Description:
Garfield (voiced by Lorenzo Music) and Odie (voiced by Gregg Berger) scare Jon (voiced by Thom Huge) out of bed with military music and drill sergeant attitudes as he demands pancakes the size of Australia and plenty of coffee for breakfast. After the meal, Garfield decides to take a nap but changes his mind to kick Odie off the table. Along the way, Garfield checks the calendar date and discovers to his horror that he has an appointment with the vet today. When he removes the date hoping to make Jon forget, he then notices that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and instantly demands Jon to buy the Thanksgiving food. On the way home from the supermarket, though, Jon remembers the vet appointment and Garfield screams all the way to the office. While at the vet, Dr. Liz Wilson (voiced by Julie Payne) examines Garfield while Jon attempts to talk her into going out on a date with him. Liz reports that Garfield is too fat and must be put on a diet, causing the cat to panic and scream, while Jon literally holds his breath until she agrees to the date. When Garfield and Jon simultaneously faint, an exasperated Liz agrees to the date out of annoyance, and Jon invites her to his house for Thanksgiving Dinner. At home, Jon is excited that Liz is coming over, but Garfield is absolutely miserable at being put on a diet. After eating half a leaf of lettuce for lunch, Garfield tries to raid the refrigerator but is stopped by Odie, whom Jon has assigned to make sure the cat doesn't try to cheat on his diet. Later, Garfield weighs himself on the talking weight scale and destroys it for comparing him to Orson Welles, then is repeatedly foiled by Odie when he tries to steal cookies, flour, salt and sugar. Garfield wonders if the lack of food is making him hallucinate.

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