Goodbye Monster

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Episode Title:
The Movie
Episode Description:
In order to cure Hei Ling, a terminal illness, the Kunlun healer, Bai Ze, was banished after accidentally destroying an island. Seven years later, he returns to the island to seek redemption. The Kunlun world composed of thousands of islands is haunted by the Dark Spirits - a form of poisonous essence that would cause irreversible damage to one's mind. Bai Ze, in an attempt to defend the healing island from the Dark Spirits, boldly applied his untested theory to work. Eventually, however, he ended up destroying the whole island and getting expelled by the masters. Seven years later, when Bai Ze is about to prove himself with his research, he has fallen victim to a frame-up. Being forced to flee, he escapes to the now ruined healing island where a qilin named Yi is searching for a cure for his slow-growing horn. The young boy suffers from such frustration and pain that he can no longer withhold the Dark Spirits' erosion. On one hand, Bai Ze needs to reclaim his name; on the other, a patient is in dire need of his help. What will Bai Ze do? Will he be able to banish the Dark Spirits and heal the world?

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