Here Comes Garfield

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Episode Title:
Here Comes Garfield.
Episode Description:
Garfield and Odie are outside harassing a neighbor's dog when the owner, Hubert, calls the pound to capture Jon Arbuckle's pets. When the dogcatcher arrives, Garfield flees, but Odie is too stupid to run away and is caught. Garfield decides to go home, but is unable to communicate to Jon that Odie is in peril. Soon, Garfield realizes how boring life is without Odie around, so that night, Garfield decides to rescue him. He makes it to the pound, but the dogcatcher catches him and imprisons him in a cell, where he learns from another cat, Fast Eddie, that Odie is going to be euthanized in the morning. During the night, Garfield has a series of flashbacks of all the good times that he and Odie had playing together. The next day, Garfield tearfully watches the dogcatcher take Odie down the hall to be euthanized. Meanwhile, a girl arrives at the pound for a pet and chooses Garfield. Garfield sees his chance to escape and when the cell opens, Garfield runs out the door and passed the girl. The rest of the animals flood out of the cell and break down the pound door, with the knocked-out dogcatcher on it. As the animals run to freedom, Garfield and Odie return to the Arbuckle home and knock down its front door. Jon bets that Garfield and Odie were having fun during the night while he was worried about them, and Garfield and Odie are bemused and indicate this is correct.

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