In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Fifth Wife and a Newly Founded Nation
Episode Description:
Against Touya’s usual objections, his fiancés, Tristwin and Zephyrus reward him by engaging him to Lucia to ensure peace between Belfast and Regulus. They also grant Touya land at the border of both kingdoms to rule his own (very small) Kingdom of Brunhild, free from interference by other kingdoms. Using the Workshop and raw materials from a derelict castle, Rosetta builds a castle in Brunhild to Touya and the fiancés' specifications in a mere three days. Leen deliberately gets a job as Mismede’s ambassador and moves into the castle too. Emperor Rig of Refreese Imperium is the first to begin diplomatic relations with Brunhild and Touya narrowly avoids engagement to Reliel who fortunately is already engaged. While preparing to host the grand opening of the castle, Touya is visited by Tsubaki who reveals the Takeda clan has collapsed due to the new Lord’s corruption, so she and her entire clan wish to serve Touya as Brunhild’s first citizens. With help from Kousaka, Touya begins constructing a city and a merchant’s network. The party is a success with kings from every nation in attendance. During the fireworks display, Touya provides Lucia her own engagement ring before holding hands watching the fireworks.

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