Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island English Dubbed

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Episode Title:
Fire on the Mystic Island.
Episode Description:
A small group of children on Horai Island watch as a Kikyo look-alike develops in a green orb, then stand in front of the Cauldron of Resonance while it comes to life. Four scars, the mark of the Four War Gods (Ryura, Jura, Kyora, and Gora), appear on all of the children's backs except for the youngest girl, Ai. Asagi, the oldest, tells Ai to leave the island while she still does not bear the mark and says her goodbye. The Four War Gods find out that Ai has escaped and try to retrieve her, but InuYasha and the others defeat Gora and save Ai, who later asks InuYasha to save the others on Horai Island....

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