Iria Zeiram the Animation Episode 2 English Dubbed


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The destruction of the Karma forces Iria to crash-land on the resort planet of Taowajan, uncertain of both Gren's and Bob's fates. Iria discovers that even in remote areas of the Galaxy, bureacracy reigns supreme. She's unable to book free passage back home, leaving her stranded on a wannabe resort area. But the same forces which caused her to land on Taowajan has also produced a most unwelcome visitor: Zeiram! Unwelcome, that is, for all but the planet's administrators. Overrun with a poverty-level population, the government decides to let Zeiram run amuck, carrying out an informal "urban renewal" project. Now it's up to Iria and her new-found friends to make sure that this doesn't happen. And she might just be able to pull it off, with the help of her brother Gren.

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